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LoS: Marigold the Gypsy by MatrixPotato LoS: Marigold the Gypsy by MatrixPotato

Marigold (goes by Mari as well) Pippery
Class: Small Folk
Race: 50% human, 50% halfling
Variant: n/a
Age Group: Young Adult (Human equivalent to 20 y/o)
Height: 4'10
Gender: Female

Build: Thin and athletic, Marigold is the perfect combination of her human and halfling ancestors. Her feet are just a tad larger for someone her height, but are hardy and padded for walking long distances without shoes- which she chooses not to wear. Her skin is naturally tanned and her hair is only a few shades darker. Superstitions about bad luck keep her from cutting her hair, so it's always long with natural waves and curls. Marigold carries herself confidently and is very quick and light on her feet.

Occupation: Traveling Merchant- sells hand-made goods like jewelry, plants, and clothing.

Personality: [Witty] [Resourceful] [Whimsical] [Headstrong] [Brave] [Doting] [Silly]

Witty/Intelligent: If there's a joke that can be made, Marigold will be the one to make it! She's got a quick tongue and always has the best comebacks. She's incredibly clever with words and is very good at persuading, bartering, and haggling her way out of things. Sometimes this can get her into a lot of trouble though.

Resourceful/Intuitive: If you put Marigold someplace she's never been with only a handful of essentials, she'll figure out a way to survive in no time. She's able to deal skillfully and promptly to any new situation or difficulty that she faces. Usually she listens to her gut instincts and is a very good judge of character.

Whimsical/Adventurous: Marigold isn't of the bipolar type, however she does tend to have an air of "go where the wind blows" to her. She doesn't really like to stay in one place for too long and gets antsy or anxious if her surroundings stay the same all the time. She's incredibly curious and has a tendency to stick her nose where it doesn't belong or eaves drop on conversations that have nothing to do with her.

Headstrong/Stubborn: What might seem strange for such a small being, Marigold is very resolute in her beliefs. She cannot be persuaded easily and will go down fighting if shit hits the fan. She might not be the strongest physically, but her determination is solid as a rock.

Brave/Selfless: What might be odd for someone as stubborn as Marigold, she's rather brave when it comes down to it. If she sees someone in danger or they just need a quick helping hand, she'll gladly come to their aide without a second thought to her own well-being.

Doting/Compassionate: Accompanying her selfless nature, Marigold is quite motherly. She's very generous and likes to dote on others, especially those she feels can't take care of themselves. She has a boundless love for life that transcends class and race and will give it freely if she thinks you deserve it.

Silly/Frivolous: Stemming mostly from her young age, Marigold is one odd duck. She has many weird quirks and is all around just strange in behavior.

Pre-Group History: Marigold was born in a small halfling village. Her mother was a halfling and her father was a human. They had fallen in love and, although it was strange for the other halflings in the village, decided to get married and start a family. Pretty soon, out popped baby Marigold! Soon after her birth, however, a small clan of orcs raided the village. Marigold's father and several halfling men tried to fight them off, all losing their lives in the process. With no hope left, Marigold's mother and the rest of the halflings that survived became traveling gypsies, too afraid to settle down in a new village for fear the orcs would return. As Marigold aged, she was raised to live off the land and find a way to live in new places. When Marigold became an adolescent, she have a growth spurt and grew much taller than the other halfling children, subsequently suffering from harsh bullying. During this time, Marigolds mother decided that it was time to tell her about her father and how he died. It didn't help the current situation and caused her to rebel in the form of "running away" which was actually just her climbing the biggest tree she could find and staying up there until supper time.

Nonetheless, Marigold's childhood was fairly normal. When she matured, her mother decided to finally settle down in a village again. However, because Marigold was raised as a traveler, she chose to break off from her mother and travel by herself, as a gypsy. For a while, it was fun and exciting, but soon Marigold began to feel the yearning for companionship again. As if the heavens heard her desire, she came across a band of orcs harboring a small satyr girl. When Marigold saw the abuse they put her through, she strode in, determined to free her from their slavery. She bartered the hardest she'd ever bartered before until they gave the little satyr up in exchange for most of Marigold's goods and gold. Marigold came to know this satyr as Padma, who insisted on being an indentured servant to repay Marigold for saving her. Mari didn't really like the idea but begrudgingly accept so she could keep an eye on the little lamb. Since then, the two have been inseparable and Mari quite enjoys it. She taught Padma English and is, in a way, like an older sister to her, and sometimes even a mother when she scolds her. Marigold would never admit it out loud, but she's rather possessive of Padma and doesn't ever want to leave her.

~Her voice sounds like Robyn Addison as Sera from Dragon Age: Inquisition
~Like most gypsies, Marigold is incredibly superstitious. For this reason, she believes it's bad luck to own cats (especially black cats) and cut her hair, and dreams and certain occurrences have meanings or can foretell the future.
~Thanks to her mother, Marigold inherited a prime characteristic of the halflings; she has slightly pointed ears, but they're usually hidden under her big head of hair. The only time they're really visible is when she pushes her hair behind her ears to eat.
~Marigold LOVES animals and has the biggest green thumb! If she can grow it or raise it, she's gotta have it!
~There's little that Marigold is afraid of, but her biggest fear is being a mother. From someone else's perspective, she would be the perfect candidate to raise children, but she's terrified of the responsibility, and even more so, the thought of falling in love and being intimate.
~Although she keeps in shape, Marigold is loves food. She isn't a glutton in a sense that she'll eat anything and everything, but she does love to try new things and if she finds a food that she really enjoys, she'll eat tons and tons of it until she feels like she'll explode!
~Marigold has a fondness for bright clothes. She likes to collect the prettiest clothing for herself or for Padma and finds joy in wearing flowy skits.
~One of many of Marigolds quirks is that she loves to dance, even if there's no apparent music to dance to. She always has some part of her body moving (today she would be considered adhd).
~When Padma is doing something cute, Marigold can't help but hug her or pet her soft head of lamb fur.
~She's very jealous of Padma's bosom. She matured rather slowly while Padma is young and already fully bloomed.

All art © MatrixPotato
Group © MatrixPotato & Quailmix
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
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